Monday, January 3, 2011

The last hurrah...until next weekend.

What a fun weekend!  Even though it's so cold you can't stay out too long it's been absolutely gorgeous up at the pass.  New Year's Eve we went skiing (a new tradition?) and then Sunday we went tubing.  I have to say - the Northwest is just my favorite place.  Only here you can be skiing one day and out sailing on the Sound the next (it's true, we've done it!).  Love it so much here.

How is it that the same children who are up at 6:30 every day over break are still asleep at 7:30 the first day back at school?  The bus comes shortly after 8 which meant that all stomach aches were briskly ignored in favor of hustling through a few bites of breakfast and frantic shoe tying.

First day back at the gym and man was it crowded.  Based on the amount of bread, cheese and delicious beverages I've consumed in the past two four weeks I totally get it, but still, wow.  Note to self, claim your treadmill early!

I still have to tell you about the lake houses...  so fun to look.  I'm not going to say they were both guilty of false advertising, but...  there may have been a few photos in the listings that hit the cutting room floor for a reason.  Details next.


  1. Thanks for stopping by...gave me a chance to meet you!

    Love these pictures...what fun in the snow you had!

  2. we've been heading up to the mountains too! Love it up there! It does help the winter to be a bit more fun too.