Friday, January 7, 2011

Project: Stair rail...

So last we talked I was laying on my deathbed and I was hearing these tornado ripping the house apart sounds.  So I leaped from my bed, as only a coughing up a lung person can do, to see what was going down.  Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?  He is pretty cool if I haven't told you before.  I'll probably keep telling you over and over until you want to gag, but really he is.  Not only has he taken on the bulk of the care and feeding of the people this week while I've been laid up, but he has completed a project that I've thought about maybe adding to "The List" before I actually even had a chance to write it down.

I like to think he did it to make me feel better.  Like the handyman's version of bringing his sick wife some flowers and a box of chocolates.

I now present,

The Stairway Redeux

Our home was built in the late 80's, and considered a "traditional" style.  There is loads of woodwork that make it feel warm and welcoming and friendly and cozy.  And also, in some places, dated.  Here is the stairway before.  There is nothing really wrong with these balusters but they don't exactly scream this house has been updated either.

So that noise I heard, was this.  My husband tearing those bad boys out.

And now, we have a stairwell that looks like this.  Seriously.  He is a genius with the tools.  Ka-ching.  Oh, hello increased home value, come on in.


  1. OH WOW! It looks amazing! What a guy! Maybe you should get sick more often? :)

  2. That looks so fantastic! Quite a catch you have there! But I don't think anyone needs to tell you that. :)