Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitchen reveal...

You remember my old kitchen don't you?

It wasn't a bad kitchen at all. I mean as kitchen's go it was pretty big, good work triangle, nice view from the kitchen sink...  if it weren't for the electric coil stove with only two working burners, the leaky dishwasher, and the oven that never knew what temperature it was going to be from one minute to the next I would have said it was a great kitchen (even with the white tile countertops, they weren't THAT bad.)

Well the new kitchen is finally in, well mostly in.  My husband just got back last night from a week long work trip so he still needs to wire the cooktop, but other than that she's ready to rumble.

Remember this?

Now, we have this!  This is the sink of my dreams.  One giant bowl that can fit a whole cookie sheet or turkey pan or whatever I want to put in it.  And the faucet, the ergonomics of a pull down, v.s. pull out sprayer?  I can't even tell you how happy this makes me.

Then, there was this, which I'm sure back in it's day was all edgy with it's stainless steel and all, but.....

Now we have this.  You can see by the reflections that there is a giant skylight over this part of my kitchen, which I love, but it makes for challenging photo taking.  If we stay in this house I can see running a line and converting to a gas range, but for right now it was more important to put funds towards additional new appliances.  I love that it's a flat surface, no knobs!

And then there is the oven/microwave.  I never did learn what all of those buttons did...

I love how the new microwave door (top) opens down like an oven.  I just looks so not microwavy!  You can't see it well in this phtos, but the touch screen (again, no knobs!) portion that looks blue is actually black. and in the center is a little digital version of an analog clock.  Of course you can set it to be a regular digital clock, but we like the analog version, it's so opposite of this whole unit that it just looks perfect that way.

So, there it is.  My new old kitchen.  There are still changes to be made. I am pretty sure we are going to move the current fridge to the garage and get a newer one with the french doors on top and freezer drawer on the bottom.  And maybe someday, if we stay here,  I would like to get the cabinets re-faced with more modern wood/doors.  But really I think it's looking pretty good now.  So, there you go my new NW style kitchen.


And after.