Saturday, June 11, 2011

They Can Bring It...

You know what the absolute best part of having an 8 and 9 year old is?  Even after one has been off school sick for the better part of the week and the other has managed a lesser version of crud while mostly making it to school, when I went down yesterday with a whimper and a wave of my imaginary white flag, they both "brought it".

I can't believe this day is FINALLY here!  For the first time in five hundred years (or so it seems) I can take a sick day.  A REAL LIVE SICK DAY!  As in I did not get out of bed all day and my children made their breakfast and mostly cleaned up and one got himself off to school and the other (who was almost better but still home recovering herself) did her own sinus flush and breathing treatments and tucked herself into a nest on the couch and then they kept on taking care of themselves all day until their Dad got home and I still did not have to get out of bed even once and they even checked on me and brought me tea and presents SICK DAY!

I have arrived.

Headed out for some big fun and (although maybe a bit low key on my part ) adventure,
Talk soon.

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