Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hawaii part 3 - Surfing lessons

Here's a little video of the boys surfing adventure...(Turn up your sound if you want the full effect!) 

Ok... can we get a moment of silence for the vacation beard? (Sigh..)  I die.  Hello darling... 
Sometimes I don't know which is better, the vacation, or the beard....  

Ok.  Where were we...  Yes, surfing lessons.  There were lessons available out where we were on the North Shore, but ultimately we decided to go with lessons in Waikiki.  Mostly because they were way cheaper and the consistent, safe, smaller yet still surf-able sized waves were guaranteed.  We wanted to maximize their time actually surfing rather than getting tossed since it was both of their first attempts at riding.  At the end of the lessons we found out what the bonus was. It turns out that they had a photographer taking pics non-stop with a VERY long lens while the boys were out. I was taking photos with my longest lens, but the guys were wayyyyy out there and all I was getting were little black dots in the water.  I had some great shots of them getting started and coming back, but I had nothing when it came to actual surf riding shots. They were charging an arm and a leg (and your left ear) but you know what, even after we paid for the photos, it was still cheaper than if they had done the lessons at the North Shore.  Win win.

And that photo down below - priceless.  Right after this photo was taken these two, while both riding the same wave, side by side - they high five'ed. ❈ Can you imagine the pure joy in that moment???

Of course that was the one photo that didn't get taken.  But it doesn't matter because it's all up here (taps head). 

What a once in a lifetime experience for a father and son to share together.  I don't think either one will ever forget it.  I know I'll never forget the looks on their faces when they got out of the water that morning.  Good stuff this life, good stuff :-)  ❈

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  1. What an awesome video collection! I am so impressed that Jack was standing so steadily. As was Sam:) He was all, " how did I DO that?"

    Have to share a vacation beard story. Doug has a heavy beard, especially for a fair guy. In three days he has a beard that can take guys a month to grow. Well, a couple of summers ago he decided to do the beard and within three days he looked like Santa Claus! At some point in the past few years his salt and pepper beard turned snow white -- and I mean SNOW WHITE (which I suspected based on stubble:) He refuses to grow it in again. He told me he is not a vain man, but even he has his limits!!