Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going nowhere fast...

One of my favorite photos from last year on Orcas Island.

You know which blogs I find the most interesting?  The ones where there is some conflict.  I don't mean bad conflict, I mean conflict in the literary sense.  Something is happening.  Some change is occurring. Something is new or different....

You know what is going on at my house right now?  Big.  Flat. Yes, I said flat. Nothing.  We aren't moving to a lake house (Nine months later and I'm still wistful over that one..).  Nobody is sick or having surgery (Thank God, that was getting a bit tiresome). I haven't purchased anything new or exciting or changed any of my home decor (Nope, we got a new fridge and tv to replace falling apart ones for Christmas, but that's hardly blog fodder).  No home remodels or new projects to talk about (Hard to get motivated to update that last bathroom when nobody ever uses it and you know - your house isn't back to being worth what you paid for it all those years ago yet). Not cooking anything special or new or exciting (Oh holiday food, how I miss you.). 

The livin' is incredibly easy right now.  But...  It's like being out on a boat on a gorgeous day with all the sails up and no wind.  Everybody is perfectly happy but there you are.  Just rocking back and forth....  Ok, in this visual it's totally summer.  If it was summer, I think I'd have no problem coming up with some good stories.  Maybe it's just the winter doldrums.....the post holiday settle back into life...  a good life with no conflict. ❈  One can hardly complain.  And yet - it leaves a blog quite empty doesn't it?

So, now what? (drums fingers on desk a few times). Now what?

I'd better think of something.



  1. Easy sailing is wonderful! Enjoy this time and this calm respite from the challenges of life!

    1. Thank you Karianne, I do quite enjoy it :-)

  2. Hi, I just came over to your blog from A Beach Cottage and I can't seem to find your name, so Hi,

    I agree those blogs with big conflict are interesting and I guess allow us to reflect on our own lives, but there is also comfort in knowing that other people are just living their lives, cruising along too.

    Your photos are lovely btw, and I had to smile at the post with your daughter making a "shop" in the sand - my girls do that too! I can't tell you how many times I have "bought" bits of flotsam and jetsom paid for with shells.

    lg xx

    1. Thank you Leoni, you are so right! BTW, my name is Jen ❈