Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Bench (Before)...

I just acquired this awesome bench from a sweet friend and now I'm all kinds of high on figuring out what I want to do with it. 

It needs a wee bit of securing in the legs but overall it's in fabulous shape.  What color do you think?

Pale turquoise?
Butter yellow? (Oh! With a cute orange pillow!)
Brick red?

In another house I'd put it in the front hall next to a coat tree. Or in the bathroom with a stack of white towels on the table end...

In this house (no wall space) maybe it can go on the front porch.... or under the covered part of the back deck....

Love a good project ❈


  1. I do like the yellow and orange pillow is so in right now. But I also like the red! You were right! I do love the bench!


    1. My daughter actually spied it in the garage and has "claimed" it for her room. She's due for a bedroom overhaul so it will probably get painted white to match her things. I see this bench having many lives (and paint colors) in the future though!