Friday, March 30, 2012

Coco Chanel...

I may not have mentioned it lately, but I absolutely adore this child. How lucky am I that she is mine?

Here she is doing her best Coco Chanel as part of her third grade (month long) biographies project that culminated in the "Night of Notables" where they presented "themselves" as their notable person, complete with a speech in front of reams of people. 

She totally held her own along side Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, Elizabeth Blackwell, and many more.  If you don't know much about Coco Chanel you should pick up a biography sometime.  Coco kicked ass.  

And this little bunny pulled it off beautifully. ❈

(Also posted tree fort update today, (Click here for updated progress)


  1. I love Coco Chanel. She is such a fascinating figure. Did you know she never married?


  2. Yes, but famous polo playing love did buy her her first shop in Paris. Sadly they would never marry because they were from two opposing social classes and it would have been unheard of during that time. She was amazing. So inspiring how she demanded her wealthy clients treat her as an equal. Not to mention her rags to riches journey. Amazing woman! (Amazing what you can learn from an eight year old.) :-)

  3. Sounds like she did an amazing job. The pictures of her are adorable. Love her outfit. =)

    Hope you guys are enjoying a nice weekend! Oh, and thank you so much for your sweet comment...made my day! xoxo ~Liz