Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Night Flights

Just another Monday night in the Pacific Northwest.  Loaded up the family and bikes, drove a couple of miles down the road and hit the dirt. The world famous Duthie Hill. Bring your fortitude, you're going to need it. Shin guards help too. ❈

This is J doing the last jump on Flowpark.  Just for reference, he's 10 and has been riding for about 3 months now.  So.... yeah.... No fear. I can only imagine what he'll be doing at 15....

And then there's this one.  Shown here practicing on the Pump Track. She's a toughie. And really, such a girl.  She's been on Boot Camp several times and decided today to venture out onto one of the other beginner trails.  She wiped out.  Hard.  Dad - "OMG, are you OK???" R - (speaking in a seriously tee'd off tone from the heap of arms, legs, and bike that was her at the moment) "Of course I'm not OK.  I almost landed in BIRD POOP!" There she was, toppled, and all she could think about was that she was inches from touching ACTUAL bird poop. She makes a fine tomboy if you ask me. ❈

(Photos processed with Instagram)

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