Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid-point (An update)

Sorry no photos, just a quick update for my friends and fam far away :-)

One week and 23 showings later we accepted an offer on our house.  We are now pending inspection which is this Friday.  We had our home pre-inspected so don't anticipate any earth shattering news. If all are still in agreement then we would close mid September.

(I'll admit it, I really kind of want to give the lake house guy a good shake right now and say, "See! I told you we could sell quickly, what were you thinking bumping us???". I'm sure he was just doing what his realtor told him to do, but still.....)

Right now we are trying to find a house to rent, which is proving a bit of a difficult task.  The housing market is hot here right now, which is spilling over into the rental market.  Inventory is very low either way you go. It's very likely at this point that we will end up renting a townhouse.  Not ideal, but doable.  Gotta keep our eye on the prize. ❈

In looking around for waterfront homes we've come across a piece of property for sale on our favorite local lake.  We'd never considered building as a possibility before, but now it's something to consider as well. Food for thought. ❈

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  1. Build!! I love house building. I know others don't but I LOVE the whole process. In fact I have never lived in a house that isn't new. Even this rental in Melbourne is a brand new house. Not that the new part is relevant really, but i love putting my own stamp on a house. I think it's only as stressful as you make it. So that's my two cents worth:)