Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moving On...House News

There eventually comes a point when it's time to stop waiting and make your own destiny already. 

We've bought a house. 

It's not on a lake. 

It's not even in our current town. 

But it was time. 

Our little family needed a future we could grab on to. 

So, with a little prompting from a sweet friend, we checked out this new little neighborhood.

And everyone liked it. 

The house is currently under construction about an hour north of where we live now, so the above photo is merely a representation of what our house will look like once it's finished. We were even lucky enough to score a lot with green space on two sides. 

And because it is in an area where the houses cost (sadly I'm not exaggerating) half as much as our present surroundings, it was both a downsize in mortgage and and upsize in square footage. 

Bonus - My husbands commute will go from 60-90 minutes each way to 15 minutes. That right there, HUGE!

It's feeling pretty fantastic to let go of the pause button and push play. 

Which brings us to, "But I thought you said you were water people?". 

Stay tuned for "The Catalyst - Part Two". 


  1. So thrilled for you! :) Exciting times....

  2. Congratulations! A brand new home and quick commute for hubby sounds perfect. I admire you guys for your patience -- sounds like a great fresh new start :)

  3. Jen!!!!

    I am so happy for you! I know you will all be so happy there and a shorter commute is sooooo much better!