Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Content... (Where is is?)

Getting ready to pass under the Deception Pass Bridge

The last year... (sigh). 

It's kind of thrown me for a loop. Like a turn you around, flip you over so you are landing upright, but in a totally different direction than you started in, loop. 

The marina from the grounds of the Moran Mansion, Orcas Island.
And it's not bad (Unless I make the mistake of looking at these photos of the dream house we lost last year.) , or good.  It's a new life. 

And I'm adjusting. 

The rope swing at the Cascade Lake Tree.

It's really hard to explain without sounding whiney. Because, really and truly - it's good. But at the same time...  Just "whoa". You know?

Rosario Harbor.
It will come. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a new life. Thankfully I'm finally starting to find places that make me feel at home.

The life. Nuff said.
And yay for the holidays! Because I can't think of a better way of settling in than filling this brand new house with some good old fashioned memories.

I'm pretty sure when I hauled out the fall decor the other day that I could actually see the kids relax three notches.

Sucia Island, by float plane.
What relief it must be for them to know that we are still us and our holidays are still going to look just the way they are supposed to, even though every other thing in their lives are different.

The bay from Sucia.
So the content... this blog... it's adapting and adjusting too. And it feels good to be looking forward to that. Finally. ❈

It kind of leaves you speechless.

*We took this trip to Orcas Island right before school started. It was just what we needed to ground our spirits a little. 

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  1. So happy to see a post from you! Love the photography and I know this will be a wonderful holiday season for you!

    Happy day!