Monday, September 22, 2014

Fast Forward One Year...

The new, new (old) house. 

Well, here I am. It's been almost a full year since I've blogged and so much has happened. I'm not sure how I will ever catch up the lost time. In fact, I'm certain that I can't.  With that said, let's just default to bullet points. Sometimes that's just what it ends up boiling down to anyway.

So to catch up, when we last left off we had sold our house while trying to buy a little lake house. That deal fell through and we ended up in a rental house for a year. We were not cut out for renting and were determined to get into a house. When we couldn't find anything to buy locally we eventually purchased and moved into a new construction home about an hour North of our town. The last post before my year long hiatus was in October of 2013. After that, the following went down:

Back yard. 

• In November we finally started to feel settled.
• By December I knew it wasn't working. 
• By January I knew it wasn't something that time, or energy, or will power could fix. 
• By February I started getting really twitchy. 
• By March I was casually looking at houses online. 
• By April I knew for sure we would move back to our original town.
   I just wasn't sure when we could pull it off. I mean really, who does that? 
•  By the end of April my husband arrived at the same place and told me to "find a house". 
• A week later we found and made an offer on a house back home, it was accepted. 
• A week later we listed our house for sale. 
• Two weeks later we accepted an offer on our house. 
• Two weeks later we moved into our new house in our old town. 
• Two weeks later we closed on the house we sold. 

• Our kids were able to attend the last four weeks of school with their friends.

• In June I took the kids on a road trip to Oregon. 
• In July two great husbands sent two grateful wives to Hawaii for a long weekend of R & R.
• In August we took our annual sailing trip through the San Juan's. 
• In September we launched two growing kids into middle school (6th and 7th).

Upper lawn and shed. 

And now here we are. It's autumn again and we've come full circle. Looking forward I'm  hoping to break out my camera for fun photos, experiment with new recipes, and hopefully find some adventure I can post about. I've no idea how the blog will evolve from this point, we'll just have to take it one step at a time and see. 

Until next time,


  1. So excited to hear about all of life's new adventures. :-)

  2. Happy you're back home; you "arrived right on time"!

  3. Love the house! Let fall begin! - Andi