Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I never thought I'd say this...

I am SO EXCITED to clean my house today.  No, really.

Last night I checked off the last item on my list of commitments and today all I can taste is the sweet sweet feeling of nothing to do - except clean the house.

You have to understand - I like a clean house.  This house hasn't been cleaned in it's entirety for well over a very busy month.  I mean sure I've cleaned parts of it and kept things tidy (ok, that just made me crack a smile - by tidy I mean maybe once a week it's been tidy - and since nobody even came over when it was tidy how does that even count?).  Ha!

But to have a house that is totally clean AND tidy in every room ON THE SAME DAY!  That is bliss I'm telling you, pure bliss.

I may even go really crazy and fold the towels in the kids linen closet, wheeeee!

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