Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little piece of the pie...(Edited)

Three burly guys delivered this giant box containing the new cook top to my foyer this morning.  Things are coming together!  Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the granite company to create our counter top and I am reminding myself daily how lucky I am to have HOT running water in the house (albeit, not in the kitchen).  I have hot water.  I have hot water.  It's my new mantra...

(*Edit to add - opened the box.  Cooktop is perfect, but the circles where the pots and pans go.....  SO much whiter in person.  (sigh)  We had to order this sight un-seen and I was hoping that the circles would be light as they are in the photo above.  I know I shouldn't be surprised that they are like every other cook top of this kind, but still....  slight but not unexpected disapointment...  but on the other hand, no knobs so, yay!)

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