Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project: Kitchen...

Lucky, our cat is very curious about the goings on.

I wonder if this means I don't have to cook or do dishes for the next two and a half weeks....

We have a really great kitchen.  It's big, laid out nicely, and has tons of cabinet space.  But it was built in the late 80's so it also has small ceramic tiles, an old school coil cook top, an oven that never knows what temperature it's at, a pitted sink with a faucet that won't stay upright, and an updated, but occasionally leaky dishwasher.


The seeds of the kitchen update have been planted for a while now, so when the aforementioned work bonus hit the bank account they began to grow.  Quickly.  We decided to start with a new counter top, cooktop, sink and faucet.  

They told us we could keep the island countertop/cooktop in (whew!) when they did the template, but the other counter top had to come out since it butts up against the window.  The template appointment is on Tuesday, but John had to leave town today for an open ended work trip so this morning we got to work.  They would have charged us $1200 to do the tear out/disposal.  I'm thinking we can handle it!

So, now we set up our makeshift sink in the laundry room and wait ❈

Covered drawers equal a less stressed me.

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