Sunday, January 16, 2011


Too much noise of the negative variety got you three choices this afternoon at our house.

A) Skiing (in the rain)
B) Biking (in the rain)
C) Hiking (in the rain)

I know, you aren't really feeling the "in the rain" part, but these people - they need to go outside.  When they don't, it's not a pretty picture.

They chose biking.  There were quite a few whoops and hollers as they were flying through the giant muddy puddles.  Despite their best efforts not to, they had fun.


  1. OK it looks a WHOLE lot more like spring there than here! Maybe it's time for a road trip:)

  2. Here in Sweden they have a saying: There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. In Swedish it rhymes though. haha I am totally of the mind that children NEED to go outside no matter the weather. :)