Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beach Haven, A Holiday...

This little holiday was amazing.  Yes it was a bit decadent to take a trip in the middle of the school week, but sometimes you just have to step away from the schedule to get back on track.  Two days of island fun has left everyone feeling like they just had a week off.  Brilliant.

Here are the hooligans, buckled up, plugged in and ready for a trauma free drive.

The mastermind behind the Holiday Project (complete with last minute drug store aviator glasses).

We got to the ferry with less than a minute to spare, we paid and drove right on.  Then there was a whole hilarious discussion with the kids (which they didn't get) about how if you are on time you are actually late.  Glad we stopped for the take-out lunch, but man... that was CLOSE!

One of the best things about going on a trip these days is that these two magically get on the same team.  I'm thinking this might be the sweet spot for sibling rivalry so I'm eating it up.  Nothing better than the two of them in cahoots... 

Love this pic, she still looks so little here.  In reality she is in constant motion, always talking, a smarty pants, growing up fast, comedically dramatic, funny little (not so small though) crack up. You know... when she is not being shy.

And this one?  That his eyes are the color of money?  Very apropos. Do all nine year olds have an obsession with money?

After a lovely ferry ride we arrive on Orcas Island and zip over to our little one night home, cabin number 8 at Beach Haven.  With perfect timing the tide was out when we got there, the next morning the waves were breaking at the bottom edge of this photo, about a stones throw from the front door.  

It didn't take long for the gang to unpack and head out in search of tide pools, five minutes in the kids deemed this "the best vacation EVER!".  Score ❈

Wellies are a must for tide pooling.  Nine years it took me to learn this.

Crab love.  They decided this was a Grandfather crab.  He was gentle and a slow mover.

The kids have been watching Cris Angel (thankfully bleeped), in this photo my son is trying to hypnotize me with his stare.  "Mind Freak!"

We looked and looked, but it is not whale season just yet so no bells were rung.

Beach on one side, rugged coast on the other.  Absolutely gorgeous.

We took a whole series of these photos.  Set the self timer on the camera and everybody RUN FOR IT! We were all laughing so hard it hurt.

My daughter the budding photographer took this photo.

Beach Haven was more than just a cabin.  It was an outdoor family fun making paradise.  Outdoor ping pong is extreme!

Not to mention the giant fort...

(This was only half of it)

Tether ball, which sadly I am no better at now than I was when I was 10...


Driftwood animals...

And the Nature trail...

The nature trail was a huge hit.  Besides being lush and green, there was adventure!

Floating bridges...

And stepping stones in the mud bog.

After our hike we returned to the cabin and the sun was just starting to set.


A rousing game of "Bucket Ball!"


By now the tide pools had disappeared, but there was still plenty to keep curious minds busy.

Especially this little marine lover.

There was even time to break out the pocket knife and whittle.

And make multiple teeter totters.

I think we managed to put a weeks worth of vacation into that one afternoon.  The day just stretched out and let us fill it and fill it and fill it.  It was just what this little family needed.

The next morning we woke up, packed up and headed over for a quick hike at Cascade Lake before we caught the ferry home.  This is old stomping ground for us and the kids loved racing down the trail.

And showing off ❈...

So pretty...

Before we knew it it was time to head back.  We made it to the ferry with an hour to spare this time (much better!) and did the classic making of the sandwiches out of the back of the truck.  A quick sail later we were headed home via a stop in La Connor for some well deserved ice cream cones.

And now we are home, all filled up with adventure and togetherness and feeling all invincible.  Not sure when and where the next mini holiday will turn up, but determined to make it happen.


  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. :)

  2. WOW....what a trip! I just showed my hubby the pictures and we are hooked. We want to go! My girl's would have a BLAST! Your pictures are AMAZING, what a beautiful family you have, too! I love the picture of your son holding the crab...adorable! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

  3. oh, dear LORD I want to be there right now!! Your family is precious and your photographs are amazing! WOW! Just gorgeous! This southern girl wants to pack up right now and head out! Thank you for sharing, and your blog is adorable! keep at it sister! xoxo shel