Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Week In The Life Of...

Eleven years ago...

Sunday - Lazy holiday made perfect with brunch at the beach.

Monday - Dragging too sick for school but not old enough to stay home alone bunny around to Dr. appointments and errands that could not be put off. (Helpful tip - do not attempt an errand at the AT & T store at  9a.m. on a Monday morning.)

Make up extra beds for imminently arriving and highly anticipated international guests.

Pretend sore throat is "nothing".

Tuesday - Watch accumulated household and international children connect and turn into "cousins".

Send kids outside during sun breaks, pick up piles of rubber boots, repeatedly.

Learn to do "new math" in order to help with 3rd grade homework. (You must use either the lattice method or the partial sums algorithm to solve that multiplication word problem, you must.)

Spelling lists.

Grilling out.

Pretend sniffles are "nothing".

Wednesday - Aquariums and mummies.  Group hand holding while running to the car in torrential rains.

Going out of town husband kissing.

Staying up til midnight long lost girlfriend talking.

Pretend sore throat will "get better".

Thursday - Forget to take out or to ask indebted child laborer to take the trash out to the curb in time for pick up.

Say goodbye to dear friends as they make their way home.  Think about how great it is to have the kind of girlfriends where you can pick up just exactly where you left off.  Spend time thinking about how you  can work in a trip to Alberta to see them again later this year.  Start missing the missing children immediately.

Issaquah Schools Foundation's "Nourish Every Mind" benefit luncheon table hosting. (To my awesome table friends (nine of the 980 fabulous individuals attending) who cumulatively donated over $1500 of the $593,000 grand total-  THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting our kids education!)

Throw the heels back in the closet and immediately revert to yoga pants post haste.

Note slight-ish incremental better-ness of sore throat and sniffles.

Friday - 11th Wedding Anniversary, celebrate with sweet texts (ongoing).

Royal wedding watching tea party attending.  Celebrate the official "no math homework day" and eat take out.

Saturday - Sleeping in. Puttering.  Planning.


  1. WOW, what a week!! You have been one busy mommy. I hope you are feeling better and Congrats of your 11 year wedding anniversary! =)

    Enjoy the beautiful day! XOXO ~Liz

  2. OK this made me tear up a bit. Seriously. It just so mirrored everything I was thinking (except in my case no husband kissing or sore throat!!). Happy belated anniversary:)