Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happily Ever After, a shoe update...

I bet you thought we were through with the shoe story didn't you.  Remember the post (now removed due to total irrelevance) where my little (ok, so his shoulders are now almost as broad as mine and I'm having trouble telling our laundry apart, but as he is not yet ten I reserve the right to call him little) boy threw away his muddy shoe?

Guess who found his shoe in his hockey bag this past weekend?  


"Well I thought about throwing it away, and then I was putting a bunch of stuff in the yard waste bin, and when we couldn't find it I thought I must have really thrown it away... I don't know how it got in my hockey bag."

Because that is what all children must say ("I don't know") at least once a week.

It's in the code.  The code which I cannot reference because sadly I have lost my childhood copy...

Back to the story - Well when someone throws their shoe away and the garbage man has come there is nothing to do but throw the other one away, right.   So now we have another one shoe problem.

But wait!

Remember (Oh universe, nice one...) how last week nobody remembered to take the garbage out to the curb for trash day?

A dumpster dive ensued.

The two shoes are now happily reunited.

It was the highlight of my weekend ❈

Sometimes things just work out.


  1. Glad to hear the two shoes are now happily reunited...too cute! =) ~Liz

  2. Hilarious! The way kids think just cracks me up. :)