Thursday, May 5, 2011

Battle To The Death (Also known as Moms screw up too)...

This might make an interesting art piece if it were not actually one of our ipods.  It fought a hard battle with my washing machine, but sadly, well..... it's pretty obvious who won.  On a brighter note, I was able to use this situation as a teaching moment (ha!) by telling my son, who's precious videos were kept on this device, that  - Hey look! Moms screw up too!  (Note - all electronic devices in our home, including DS/Ipod/etc. belong to us.  The children have use of them, but do not retain ownership.  They may however save and purchase their own electronics if they would like.  So far it hasn't happened.)


  1. Oh no!! Poor fought a long hard battle and it shows, too funny! Sorry that happened...oops! ;) XO ~Liz