Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthdays, Part one...

We're busy getting ready to celebrate our favorite Spring birthday ❈  I thought I'd share two of her past celebrations in case anyone is looking for some ideas for their Spring/Summer parties... Here's the first of the two.  I'll list the sources at the bottom of the post.

This was her sixth birthday.  She wanted a "Garden" theme.  We used metal barbeque skewers in the lawn to tie down and "float" the balloons along the driveway.

We built two "garden" playhouses.  The kids colored these for a while, but mostly they just played in and around them.  They could hold a surprising number of children, and an occasional adult by special request.

She wanted ladybug cupcakes and fresh strawberries, so that's what she got!  You'll notice that the cupcakes (which are really blueberry and freckle chip muffins) are not frosted.  She doesn't care for frosting so we left it off.  Instead we used the ladybug toppers and fresh from the grocery store florist hot pink carnations to decorate our cupcake stand.  I'm not kidding you when I say the kids just devoured this snack! 

I didn't get a "before" pic, so you'll have to use your imagination based on this "aftermath" photo.  We used our lemonade stand as a cart.  It held pony packs of annuals and empty pots.  The kids decorated their pots with pony beads, markers, etc and then planted their flowers in them.

They loved this and they were really darling!

Then came the bug jars.  They came as a kit in ladybug and bumble bee versions.

We also had "bug catcher tongs" on hand.

This was truly one of the most idyllic afternoons.  Pure childhood all the way.


Cardboard playhouses: Purchased through Amazon Here 
Plant pots, Bug jars, Bug catchers: Purchased through Oriental Trading Co. Here
Ladybug cupcake toppers: Also purchased through Oriental Trading Co. Here
Lemonade stand: My husband built this, but you could use any drink cart or outdoor table.

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  1. How cute, those pictures are adorable. I love the cardboard houses, my girl's would love that theme. XO ~Liz