Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flower Shop Birthday Party...

Do you ever have a vision in your head about how you want something to look, but aren't sure if you can really pull it off (And within budget)?  Well, I may have had one tiny little tear well up in my eye this past Saturday, because despite having to move our outdoor plans indoors due to chilly (albeit dry) weather I actually pulled it off!

My girl and I worked together on the Shop signage, I love the little bee she drew over the "o".  Our lemonade stand cleaned up nicely and was transformed into the perfect Flower Shop.  The flowers (120 stems!) were our big budget item at $100, but I felt comfortable with this since they served double duty as both the activity and take home favor for ten kids.  They were purchased at our local Costco.  I did not have these vases full of water as I was worried if one tipped over due to little hands we'd have a big mess on our hands.  I simply put a little water in the bottom of the plastic bags used to transport the flowers and set the bags full of flowers into the vases.

We covered our dining room table with a white sheet and a smaller green tablecloth.  The vases were thrifted for $0.69 each.  The flower clips were found at Oriental Trading Company.

Some of the girls wore them in their hair and some wore them as corsages, they worked great for both.

Here are two of the finished products.  They were stunning and the kids had so much fun arranging them!

We set up the "cake" and our garden stencil activity in our breakfast area.  Again, we used a white bed sheet to cover the table.  

Here's a closer look at the "cake".

Our girl does not "do" frosting, so again this year we went with blueberry and chocolate chip muffins.  Green tissue paper tucked into my cupcake stand helped to give more body to our "cake".  The feather butterflies on wire stems were purchased through Oriental Trading Company.  The "8" glitter candle was purchased at Target.  I just love how these butterflies flutter around, you really can't even see the wires, so pretty!

Here is a closer look at the garden insect stencils.  They were purchased through Oriental Trading Company and are plastic and very user friendly.  The kids used markers and copy paper and made some really creatively colored and beautiful pieces of art.

And of course we served up our "cake" with ice cream.  I purchased these at Michael's (Love that 40% off coupon!). They came with the classic little wooden spoon and it was so much tidier/cleaner to eat - not to mention fun ❈  I bought a 1/2 gallon of each chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  The vanilla filled 8 cups and the chocolate 9 cups.  Maybe my filling technique got better the second time around :-)

The weather held and the kids were all able to go outside to play towards the end of the party.  There was much running around looking for frogs and bugs and even a good game of Duck, duck, Goose.  I think they all really enjoyed themselves.  I know this little girl sure did!

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  1. What a fantastic party. I love the party decor, cupcakes, and flowers. What a great idea! Sorry, you had to move it indoors, but it sounds like it was a smashing success. Your daughter looks so cute in the last picture, her smile says it all! =) XOXO ~Liz