Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New draperies...

I've had a few friends ask for photos of the new drapery panels we just put up, so here goes.  I snapped these off quickly on various mornings including this one and the light is terrible and the color balance is atrocious...  we'll all live, won't we?

First of all, here is a photo and description of the drapery panels I used - this is a much truer version of the color and pattern/texture than my photos will show:

Chelsea Thermal Drapery Panel - Purchased at Target

Here is the breakfast area before.  Ug-Lee mini blinds.  We actually took these down last summer and have been living without blinds ever since.  It's been fine because we didn't really have any any need for them until recently.  Once the air conditioner started kicking back on we definitely needed a way to block the sun. :-)

Now we have these lovely lined grommet drapery panels.  So much better.  Yes, I need to put something back on that shelf, or maybe take it down and put a print there... still deciding. 

Previously in our family room we had these faded cornice boxes that were hiding more ugly shades.  They came with the house, they were functional and they did actually hide the shades from view when they were up.  They worked, but.....meh.

Now we have the same drapery panels here as well.  So much better!  It is a bit of an adjustment.  Whenever you make a drastic change, like changing the color of a room, or adding or taking away something major it takes a little getting used to, but I love them!  So cozy now ❈

And just so we are keeping it all real here - here is a quick pick of the desk area in my kitchen, ha!  I knew you wanted to see that ;-)

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  1. Hi Jen~
    WOW, great job! Your space looks very classy and elegant, way to go!! You did a phenomenal job ironing out the curtain panels...they look great! I like the neutral color, too! Your family room looks so cozy and I love all the windows. I also like the artwork displayed on the fireplace mantle, great idea! Thanks for sharing, it came together beautifully. XO Liz