Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cinnamon Bear, A New Family Tradition...

The kids have been asking if it's time for Cinnamon Bear for WEEKS! I've been telling them no, not yet... but you know what - I totally forgot (kicking myself!).  We actually should have started it TODAY. Luckily you can start anytime so it's easy to catch up. ❈

Cinnamon Bear is an old Christmas radio show from 1937.  I found it through a mention and link on the blog The Farm Chicks. There is an episode for each day between November 29th and Christmas Eve, so it works as a great countdown to Christmas.  The kids love to snuggle up each night next to the lit up tree, candles going, sometimes even hot cocoa for a special treat and listen....  It always ends with a crazy cliff hanger which leaves the kids begging to skip ahead...  it's a really fun and unique Christmas tradition if you are looking for something new.

You can find it here:

❅ Cinnamon Bear ❅

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