Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fort (Part Four)

Slowly but surely the fort is coming together.  Since we last updated the roof finally got it's shingles and the base sides went up. 

And the deck flooring was put in, hurrah! No more walking the plank!  We still haven't decided what we are doing about railings here.  Possibly rope or cable running horizontally?  The posts will be a bit lower eventually. Hmmm. The exterior still needs siding.  And we still don't know if we are going with windows and doors or just screens...

The deck turned out wonderfully though, can totally see kids (or maybe even me) hanging out here with a good book, soaking in the warmth of the summer days....

The original sand box is still underneath.  Not sure if we are keeping that or not as its not really used anymore.  I'm seriously considering putting a ground level deck there just for more play space....  Just for reference the top of the deck is a good six feet off the ground.  Still need to build a ladder...

Can't you just picture it with little window boxes full of flowers under those windows?  (Hey, If I have to see the 'fort' from the house it had better be cute!)

PS - Don't tell the boys I used the word "cute".

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  1. Jen,

    The fort looks awesome! I love the roof but something tells me the flower boxes are not going to fly :)


  2. Your fort is truly amazing.

  3. Awesome with a capital A!! I agree, this is AMAZING!! The boys did a GREAT job, I am really impressed! =)