Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jagged Lines...

I don't even know where to begin with this post really... I guess we just aren't straight line kind of people?

Some people live their lives in a very straight line. One mile marker at a time on a very lovely and straight trajectory.  This is wonderful! You know where you've been, you know where you are going.  It's comfortable and welcoming. I love it!

Other people live life in a jagged line. Going here, going there, making changes.  Starting, stopping. Exploring new directions. And while it would appear to some that this is an unsettling life, it is still very much moving forward, and an incredible experience for those who live it. 

We are jagged line kind of people. 

Jagged line kind of people who really love water. 

Our first home was walking distance to Puget Sound. 

Our second home was walking distance to a lake.

Our third home was a waterfront property on a lake.

Our current house is within five minutes of three lakes. 

Two years ago we came across a lake house for sale...   We made an offer, but we weren't the only bidder.  

We didn't get it.  It stung pretty badly and took a little while to get over. 

Eventually we started looking at waterfront properties again.  Sometimes casually, and sometimes more  seriously, with an agent. We found one we absolutely loved, but it would have meant tearing our children completely out of their lives. 

We couldn't do it. ❈

We also started looking at houses to "down size" into.  If we couldn't afford waterfront property near our current home, maybe we could have another boat...  but it would mean giving up our current house.  We love our dreams so much, we were willing. 

We started to feel kind of frantic.  Like our jagged dreams were all just right there...  like a game of hide and seek... just out of reach.

And then Thursday morning, quite unexpectedly, there it was.  

We knew we had to go see it in person, and we had to see it IMMEDIATELY.  

We fell instantly in love with the property.  The house is not perfect, but we like to tinker with our homes, so that works for us. Shockingly it fit both criteria.  It was both a waterfront property, and a downsize. 

And there was a bonus - it was only 10 miles from our current home.  It would be doable for the children. Life just  handed us something very special and we were well aware....

There was another bidder.  Ugh! That was  hard to swallow. Nobody in our area wants to accept a contingency, which was what we were offering.  We'll buy your house, but we need to sell our home first.  Give us a shot? The other buyer was going in with an altogether different deal. Kind of hopeless odds...

Our bid was crafted within hours of seeing the house. The two bids, ours and the other buyer's, were submitted to the seller first thing Friday morning. And then we waited. 

Waiting. Was. Agony. 

And then....

It was ours.  Wait... What? How was that even possible? I almost didn't believe it. 

We may never know what tipped the odds in our favor - but we were stunned.... and very grateful.

There may have been a few tears.  ❈

And then a blinding flurry of action.  We have to sell our current home.  We have to sell it quickly.

We signed a contract with the sellers and wrote a big fat earnest money check yesterday. Our inspection on the lake house is tomorrow and our listing agent is coming tomorrow night to take photos and sign contracts. 

Getting your home ready for market in 48 hours is quite a feat - but we are up for it.

This has to work!

P.S. - photos soon, no time!

P.P.S. - I know! You weren't expecting this.  Neither were we.  It's crazy!


  1. Holy smokes, girl, what a shocker! I certainly wasn't expecting this. I am so excited for you guys, what a dream, it truly sounds like it was meant to be. I am, of course, dying to see pictures. ;) Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy sale. I look forward to more on this story....exciting times! xo ~Liz

  2. How exciting for you! Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. I can't wait to see pictures.

  3. I am so happy for you! How amazing! I know that it's going to be such an amazing journey! I can't wait to follow are going to be so busy!

    Happy day!

  4. Holy cow!! Wasn't expecting this at all. I cannot wait to see pictures. And visit when we get back to NA. From one jagged lines family to another I fine it all deliciously thrilling! Congrats.