Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fishing (With North Shore Charters)

So, now we're down to the fishing. ❈  It was the last of the "treat" activities and just happened to land smack dab in the most perfect evening for it. See that pic above?  That's what it really looked like. Everywhere you looked it was that jewel toned blue... and with the hazy islands in the background...just, I can't even describe it..... 

We chose North Shore Charters for their great reviews.  Their accolades were well deserved, it was a fantastic evening!

The boat was equipped with everything we needed including a trusty, and helpful captain. 

He without even asking immediately understood that we didn't necessarily want to "go fishing" but that our kids wanted to catch fish.  Lots of fish.  They didn't care what kind, or if they could keep them, they just wanted to catch fish.  And he delivered. 

We (I use that term loosely, it was more like "they" because I was busy fishing for photos) were using squid for bait. I kind of had to stay away from it, but the fish sure loved it. ❈

Everyone was set up and ready to go within minutes of arriving at the first spot and they were reeling them in in no time. 

Both kids caught several nurse sharks much to their delight.  They both also caught a bunch of flounder. 

It was just one after another. 

Our captain was great with the kids and even taught them some nifty fishing techniques. 

They also caught (but released), several other types of fish.

We changed spots several times, catching different types of fish in each location.  We also were treated to small islands covered in seals and soaring eagles overhead. 

We did keep one flounder (in season) to grill up that night.  The kids were willing to clean it so we gave it a go (very mild and soft, not too bad!).

So there you go, that's the end of the trip posts.  If you've missed any you can find them in the side bar under "trips". 

It was such an amazing and unforgettable week in Roche Harbor. We feel so lucky to live so close to the San Juan Islands and can't wait to go back again. 


  1. Super cool, Jen! I just showed the hubbs and he mentioned how fun that would be to do one of these days! I love how adventurous all of you are. =)

  2. Wow -- a nurse shark? Really!? I didn't think sharks swam these waters....yikes! I'm thrilled to hear you chose to go with North Shore Charters. Looks like that is Capt. Jake and looks like amazing, amazing, amazing conditions for you and the fam to go out in. I love your posts sooooo much!! We must plan a trip to the SJI together, one day :) xoxo

  3. @Liz (Savvy Seasons) - You should! the kids were having a blast. They never really catch anything when we go fishing at home. :-)

    @Monica (Just 5 More Minutes) - Yep, little nurse sharks. They can't hurt you, mouths are too little :-) You are so lucky to have a "place" to call home up there. :-)