Monday, July 23, 2012

Zip Lining with Zip San Juan

We are a pretty active family and sometimes our trips involve schemes and dreams.


In this case the item getting checked off the family bucket list was - zip lining!

Zip San Juan is a fairly new operation on San Juan.  We were thrilled to find out zip lining was available on the island!  

We were picked up right from Roche Harbor and whisked away to their playground in the woods. 

Our guides weren't just experienced and safety conscious, they were also funny and entertaining. The experience lasts about 3 hours with a full group of eight zippers.  We had the guides all to ourselves on this day so our tour was slightly shorter (fewer people to hook and unhook from the safety lines took less time).  Our guides did an awesome job of stretching our time with photo suggestions and little extras like allowing the kids to try things like leaning off the platforms and giving instructions on how to do 360's, etc. 

The course starts out with shorter and lower lines and progresses through higher and longer lines.  We loved how each line brought something new to the experience (even this tricky bridge!). 

I think we all had perma-smiles on our faces the whole time.  

Below was the Grand Finale - a super long line over a small lake. So exhilarating!

What an amazing afternoon for all of us.  I'm so happy we got to check this off our list together.  I can't think of anyone I would have rather been with. ❈

Thank you Zip San Juan!

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  1. Love it. Ziplining is SO MUCH FUN! Great that your family has a bucket list! What a great family!

  2. You guys had the bets va-cay! Did this one top Hawaii last year, do tell! ;)

  3. @Liz - Apples and Oranges - no way to compare! :-)