Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cruising with Susie's Mopeds

By Wednesday of our trip we were ready for another thrill.  Susie's Mopeds to the rescue!

A map of the island, Roche Harbor is at the top left.

Being anxious of motorized vehicles (was in a motorcycle accident as a passenger in college) I was a teeeeeeeny bit leery of driving a moped, especially with a child on board.  Luckily Susie's Mopeds has an option for sissies like me. 

The Scoot Coupe!

The kids thought it was pretty cool too and took turns switching and taking turns riding with either of us each time we made a stop.  

Off to the right is a drop off and the beautiful sea...

I love the photo above so much (thank you instagram) that I might just have to have it printed on a little canvas and hang it somewhere. Maybe the clubhouse?

Picture perfect.

We had them rented all day (after two hours it's cheaper for a day rate) so took advantage of the road running around the island.  We stopped at English Camp (really cool site), the Lime Kiln lighthouse  (we missed seeing the orcas just off the shore by about two hours, darn!) and then rode into Friday Harbor for lunch then back up to Roche Harbor. Super fun and highly recommended. 

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  1. Susie's Mopeds!!! yay!! Did you get to meet Susie in person? Bradley and I took the "scoot coupe" too while Jeff took a moped and we had a blast like you all did too. Thank you so much for sharing this experience!!

    PS Did you ever sound the "horn"? We couldn't stop beeping it at every other moped we saw on island, lol! Sounded like the Roadrunner "Meep-Meep!"


  2. @Monica (J5MM), because we were staying in Roche Harbor we picked our rentals up there and not in Friday Harbor so we did not have the pleasure of meeting Susie. We def. got a little carried away with the horn. ❈