Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Great Pumpkin (Photos)

Just a few pics from the pumpkin patch. This was a crazy weather day. One minute the sun was blasting and all my shots were blown out. The next minute the sky clouded over and all my photos were darker than dark. And it changed back and forth every five minutes. Just after we finished up the sky got almost completely black so we called off plans for the corn maze and hit up the barn for some cider instead. Just as we pulled out of the farm on our way out it started monsooning - timing is everything!

This one.  He is, "all business all the time"when it comes to pumpkins. 

Must. Find. The. Biggest. One. 

He carted that wheel barrow all over that field trading pumpkins in and out, in and out. 

There was a lot of ground to cover...

"Hey Dad... I know you want to carry this pumpkin for me.  Don't  you Dad?..... Dad?.....Dad?...."

This one, a little more laid back about her pumpkin picking.  "Look, this one is good, you can stand on it!". 

"Oh wait....this one has a thing......"   (Note: She needs to stop looking so old already.)

This one, still working.... "Yeah Dad, Mom would really like that one, we should get that one too....". 

Bonus!  Finding horses next to the pumpkin patch made her day complete. 

Obligatory sitting on the fence photo - blurry as they only obliged me for like five seconds. 

And here's one of us. ❈


  1. awesome pictures....

  2. Look at all of you, so cute, great pictures! Love the one of you and hubby! :) XO Liz