Saturday, December 1, 2012

Having a Susan Walker moment...

So, the other day I was thinking...

And the conclusion I eventually came to was that I'm very much having a Susan Walker time of it lately. 

You remember Susan Walker don't you? From Miracle on 34th St.? You remember what her Christmas wish was don't you?

A house. 


It's been so long since I've posted because, well...   the truth is....  

I'm finding it terribly challenging to be a "renter".

There, I said it.  



Just reading that back I literally rolled my eyes at myself just now.  Puh-lease.  Of all the problems one could have, THIS is what has me so out of sorts? 

It's ridiculous. 

And yet.

There it is. 

I miss being able to put holes in the walls. Even little bitty ones. I miss having window treatments that I picked out myself. I miss normal paint colors. I miss being able to change something that is broken or I just don't like (Hello, cracked pink marble floor tiles in the bathroom, I'm talking to you!). I miss normal light fixtures hung at normal heights. I miss my furniture that is all stacked up in the garage. I miss having a yard that's bigger than a postage stamp. I miss putting my gardens to bed for the winter. I miss having a place for everything and everything (almost) getting to it's place. I miss parking in a garage! I miss having appliances that aren't tricky. I miss the work and the process of owning a home. I really truly do. 

The truth is we are so lucky.  We live in a nice home in a great area. We have an income earner who loves his work. We have food on the table and enough to share. We have so much more than so many it feels almost shameful to be wanting for, well anything really......

I guess we are just homeowner kind of people. 

And renting.... kind of makes me feel homeless. Not in the literal sense obviously, but you know what I mean. Don't you? 

So we've been looking.  And looking and looking. But there just isn't much for sale to choose from right now.....

So Santa,

If you're reading this,

I'd really love to have a house.

Maybe not today.

Or tomorrow.

Or even next month.

But a house.


A house I can turn into a home and fill with memories. 

If it's not to much to ask. 



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  1. I so know what you are saying. This house is lovely and all. But I feel like I am in an extended stay in a hotel. We have no yard and I miss it so much more than I thought. I would never let weeds grow in my garden, but this is not my garden. I like having my own place that I can make my own.

    That being said -- I am sure Santa will bring you that house on the lake in the New Year. Who wants to move during winter anyway:)