Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching Up (with Instagram)

Finding it much easier to post on Instagram lately than actually write blog posts so here's a few photos and a bit about what I've been up to taken from there.  If you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me at "jenarriving".

Here's the rental house, all decked out for the holidays. 

I used a piece of clip art from The Graphics Fairy to make this darling holiday art. Truth be told I originally tried to use a cheap projector to paint this myself, but I couldn't get it to focus on the size I needed it to be, needed a better quality projector. In a fit of "Oh for crying out loud", I pulled the image up on my computer, changed the color from black to red, imported it to my photos, and then a few clicks later I ordered it printed on canvas from Costco.  All told it took five minutes. I have to say, I love it.  I mean I REALLY love how he came out.  He's tucked in on top of my china cabinet right now and he's not just a one season one off, he's a keeper. 

This is how I'm settling my mind lately.  Hot cup of tea in a cup that makes me feel like I'm treating myself to something special, even when I'm really just at my regular lunch joint. 

These are what I settled on for the annual cookie party this year.  Strange ingredients, but WOW, I'm telling you, these are something pretty special.  You can find the recipe here.  Best cookie I've tasted all season. 

Hanging with my loves. Starbuck's run. Please note the cool cat in the background. Fuzzy jacket, cap, and..... shorts. Are all 11 year old boys this dedicated to "fashion"???

And then there's this picture. Chasing dreams. As usual. 

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  1. Great post, great pictures, Jen! Love the card and that cookie looks like it's too die for! YUM!! The kiddos look adorable enjoying a treat and your house looks so pretty and festive. The chasing dreams boat pic is really cool. Gotta chase those dreams...can't wait to see where your dreams take you this year. Happy Holidays, sweet friend! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!! xoxo ~Liz