Friday, May 25, 2012

Nine is fine (A birthday)

Guess who turned nine?  No big party this year, just a festive lunch at the American Girl Store and Bistro with a few friends, followed by a yummy dinner and cake at home later. A simple day, but one she deemed "The Best Birthday Ever!"

Maybe it was because she scored her first boom box?  It's been Shake It Up, Pink, and Selena Gomez ever since.

Will do a big photo shoot later, maybe this weekend if the weather holds....

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  1. Happy Birthday Rachel!! It's funny -- despite their two year age difference, Tess and Rachel are SO similar. Tess got a boom box and all we hear is Ms. Gomez, Pink and Shake it Up (plus endless One Direction). And all she wanted for her birthday was money to go to the American Girl store in LA next week!! I love Rachel's sundress as well:)