Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Ideas, Part two...

This was her 7th birthday.  She wanted an "Under the Sea" theme.  It was forecasted to be an especially cool and damp day so we opted for an indoor party.

We hung a grass table skirt embellished with shells on our mantle and filled buckets for party favors.

Again, our girl doesn't "do" frosting so we decorated our foil lined muffins with green and blue dolphin picks and used pretty blue tissue paper to fill in and add pizzaz ❈

Our dear friend over at One Smart Cookie made these darling dolphin cookies for us.

We broke out the window markers and let the kids "decorate".  They were all kinds of giddy, not believing they were being allowed to do this.  It was totally worth it, but if you try this, please know in advance you are going to get real friendly with a bottle of grease cutter (Pine Sol/Fantastic/etc.) afterwards.

They came up with some really cool art (we even had the parents getting in on the action).

I left it on my windows for a few weeks :-)

We also decorated the table with shells.  In the basket we had supplies to make shell bracelets.

The girls loved these.  The boys loved making them too (but I think they gave them to their moms!)

And the highlight was the "Ocean in a Bottle".  So easy to make, so mesmerizing to watch!  This whole party was so easy and turned out very sweet.  It's one of my all time favorites. ❈ (Side note - Just noticed her filthy fingernails... yes, this sweet thing is a dress wearing tom-boy.  That's just how it is!)

Dolphin cupcake picks - Here
Window markers - Here
Grass table skirt with shells and shell bracelet kits - Here
One liter pop bottles (new/clean) - Here
*How to make an "Ocean in a Bottle" - Here
(*Note, for our wave bottles I used baby oil, I think it makes for a prettier/clear wave bottle.  I just bought the cheaper Target brand.  We had the bottled pre-filled with water to the correct level before the party started. We let the kids use blue and green food coloring to customize their ocean which was wonderful because some made very light oceans and some very dark, they were all so pretty!  Then we used a candy funnel (it has a stopper you can use to prevent accidental overflow) and let them pour in the baby oil.  We did this two at a time (need an adult helper for each kid filling) while the other kids were using the window markers. One last note.  If you are gentle with them and just reasonably rock them back and forth they last a very long time.  If you shake them up over and over (boys, ahem) they will become clouded.)


  1. Another fabulous theme. I love the sea shell bracelets, what a great idea and the cupcakes are too cute! Can't wait to see what you come up with this time! =) XO ~Liz

    P.S. Have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend! =)

  2. Both parties look like so much fun! :) I remember making those ocean bottles with my Mom when I was a kid, love them.